Microservices talk at GeeCon Prague 2016

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Was happy to do a highly entertaining (according to a nice attendee) talk on my personal experience in microservices over the past three years at the GeeCon Prague 2016 conference. Got really great feedback (best show at the conference) and many, many intersting questions. Thanks guys! Anyway, here’s the slidedeck for my talk. If you have additional questions, please send […]

Microsoft TechDays (The Hague, The Netherlands. October 2016)

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After an absence of two year (have done Java inbetween) I’m returning to the Microsoft TechDays. This time I’m doing two talks. One about beyond agile titled Beyond Breaking Bad, and a talk titled Thirty Months of Microservices, discussing the experiences I’ve had over the last thirty months regarding microservices and continuous delivery. See more at: http://www.techdays.nl/

Krakow, Poland. June 18, 2015. Introduction to agile, Scrum, and Kanban (open workshop)

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This open one-day intense hands-on workshop is the first in a series of training courses in the Agile Academy, organized by PMI Chapter Poland. This is a full day workshop presenting a real-life introduction to agile, Scrum and Kanban. During this highly interactive and successful one-day workshop participants experience why waterfall won’t work and what it means to be in […]

Iasi, Rumania. June 5, 2015. Designing, developing and deploying a microservices architecture

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On June 5, 2015 I will present a full-day masterclass on microservice architecture in the series of Software Architecture Day in Iasi, Rumania. The development and maintenance of monoliths presents organizations with increasing challenges, resulting in high costs and a slow time-to-market. More and more organizations are therefore attempting to componentize their applications. The latest and greatest paradigm microservices finally […]

Hilversum, Netherlands. April 29, 2015. Designing, building and deploying microservices (Adept Events).

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On April 29, I will present a half-day seminar explaining techniques for designing, building and deploying microservices in an enterprise environment. The seminar will have many practical hints & tips, and will show many useful modeling and code examples. This seminar has an open registration. Read more at: Power session microservices.

Diegem, Belgium. April 22-23, 2015. Pragmatic modeling with UML and smart use cases (IT Works)

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On April 22 and 23I will conduct a two-day training workshop on modeling with UML and smart use cases for IT Works at Golden Tulip Brussels Airport in Diegem, Belgium. The workshop will have many hands-on exercises, and will be presented in English.     This workshop has an open registration. Read more at: Pragmatic modeling with UML and smart […]

Hilversum, Netherlands. April 15-16, 2015. Pragmatic modeling with UML and smart use cases (Adept Events)

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On April 15 and 16 I will conduct a two-day training workshop on modeling with UML and smart use cases for Adept Events at Hotel Lapershoek in Hilversum. The workshop will have many hands-on exercises, and will be presented in Dutch.     This course has an open registration. Read more at: Modelleren met Use-Cases en UML.

Going independent!

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Today is my birthday, a good day for some big news. As of February 1, I will continue my career as an independent consultant; as a mentor, trainer, coach, software architect, developer, writer, speaker, using the company name ditisagile.nl (after the Dutch title of my latest book This Is Agile). Over the past decade, in my roles as Principal Technology Officer […]

Excellent feedback on my micro-service talk at Capgemini DevDay Helsinki

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October 30, Helsinki – Received excellent feedback from my 90 minutes talk on micro-services using smart use cases at the Capgemini DevDay event in Helsinki. Here’s some of it: “Gave a lot to think about for when we’ll next have to think about different architectural solutions.” “One of the best presentations of the day, along with the previous one. It […]

InfoQ publishes Q&A on This Is Agile

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Utrecht. August 22 – On August 19 international IT website InfoQ published a short, provocative Q&A between Ben Linders and me on the topic of my book This Is Agile. This Q&A even made it to the front page of InfoQ. During the Q&A Ben asked me questions that came up in his mind after reading This Is Agile (the […]

InfoQ publishes write-up around Failing Fast

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Wroclaw. July 5 – Leading IT news website infoq.com just published a short write up around my previous blog post titled Failing Fast on their news page. And yes, InfoQ also mentions my book This Is Agile. 🙂 You will be able to read the write up here: http://www.infoq.com/news/2014/07/fail-fast-learn-fast?utm_campaign=infoq_content&utm_source=infoq&utm_medium=feed&utm_term=global. My original blog post titled Failing Fast resides here: http://sanderhoogendoorn.com/blog/index.php/failing-fast/

Capgemini TechTalk (Wroclaw, Poland. July 2014)

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Utrecht. June 28 – Recently I was kindly invited by Capgemini in Wroclaw, Poland to do some talks, both for Capgemini internally as publicly, aimed at software architects and developers (and yes, testers too).   These talks are now planned for July 1 (at Capgemini) and July 3 (publicly). Both talks will discuss the same subject, namely industrializing agile, which […]

Agile Record publishes Failing Fast

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Berlin, May 30 – Germany based online magazine Agile Record just published my article Failing Fast, which investigates success and failure in agile projects. You will be able to read this article on my personal website, or alternatively at www.agilerecord.com/failing-fast. For my other article in Agile Record, you might also read www.agilerecord.com/authors/sander-hoogendoorn.

Agile Tooling Night (Utrecht, Netherlands. May 2014. Keynote)

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On May 7 I will do the opening talk for an event on tooling in agile projects at Capgemini head offices in Leidsche Rijn, Utrecht. The title of this talk will be Individuals and interactions over proce$$e$ and fools. The first statement in The Agile Manifesto clearly favors individuals, teams, interaction and collaboration over processes and tools. But there’s as […]