Antwerp, Belgium. November 25-26, 2010. Pragmatic modeling using UML (IT Works)

[Two day hands-on workshop at IT Works, Hotel Crowne Plaza, Antwerp. ]

On November 25 and 26 I will present the 32th edition of an intense two-day workshop on the pragmatic use of UML modeling techniques (and beyond) with lots of hands-on exercises.

Participants modeling activity diagrams with smart use cases

During this workshops we will go through the following subjects in depth:

  • A brief introduction of UML and its modeling techniques
  • A pragmatic YAGNI approach to modeling business processes and requirements.
  • Modeling hierarchical and chronological business processes.
  • Modeling traditional and smart use cases.
  • Modeling activity diagrams (for use cases).
  • Identifying test scenario‚Äôs for (smart) use cases using activity diagrams.
  • Modeling the user interface.
  • Modeling class diagrams.
  • Domain driven design.
  • Interaction modeling. Bringing together an applications structure and behavior, based on a pragmatic use case driven software architecture.
  • Modeling service oriented projects using smart use cases.
  • Modeling in agile projects.
  • A brief introduction to model driven software development.