On stage

Since 1996 I have been presenting at international conferences and (in-house) events. I've done many (opening) keynotes, talks and workshops, and participated in panel discussions. As you might have guessed, I enjoy being on stage. Here is a list of these conferences, albeit highly incomplete.

For an overview of my training courses, see overview of my courses.

If you would like me to do a keynote, talk or workshop at your event, please contact me through the contact page on my website, or by sending me an email at events@ditisagile.nl

Some video's

Here's some video's from me on stage during recent talks.

My talk It's a small world after all at GOTO Amsterdam 2019.

And, the opening keynote at SDD 2019 in London, together with Kim van Wilgen, discussing Flow, the official worst software development methodology in history. Sorry for the click-through to Vimeo.

Keynotes and talks

Overview of my upcoming and past keynotes, talks, workshops and panel discussions at conferences and events.